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Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions

Mar 15, 2019

What we're talking about in this episode!

  • Taking back control of your health by intentionally constructing your home environment
  • Why you should stop sipping your water and start gulping it down
  • The three things you can do to reduce your EMF exposure
  • How to improve your circadian rhythm by going outside at specific times of day
  • Ways to decrease your inflammation by adjusting your diet


Episode Summary:

If you're living in an environment where you don't feel set up to thrive, it could be the missing link to helping you feel your best. Maggie Bergoff is a functional medicine practitioner and certified nurse practitioner who believes that your environment has the power to not only help you get well, but stay well.

After both Maggie and her mother were able to heal themselves from their respective diseases through natural remedies, Maggie realized the untapped potential of the functional model and has dedicated years of her life to find answers about what is happening inside of our bodies.

Today Maggie helps her patients feel empowered to take ownership of their own health by taking control of their environment, and she is sharing her knowledge on how to achieve this with us today. Learn how to fine-tune your environment to decrease toxic burdens, optimize your air, water and food intake, and ultimately use this knowledge to nourish your body properly.

We all have the ability to improve our health and wellbeing by tweaking our environment to best serve us. When you're able to have a real conversation with yourself about what is not working for you right now, you can begin to make simple changes and start living life as a better version of you. Maggie is here to open your eyes to the way you could be living and provide you with free and simple steps to help get you there. Is there anything that you want to add or take away from your environment after listening to Maggie’s tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments section!



“There are answers out there, we really can find out what is going on inside of your body, and that is what lead me to my passion for functional medicine.” (5:17)

“I remember actually telling myself one time out loud, 'No one cares as much as you to heal your body.” (7:03)

“By controlling the things we know we can control and raising our standards wherever we are able, we can decrease inflammation and toxic burden like crazy, and it makes such a massive difference in your health.” (11:52)

“[Your environment] is so simple to fix that it's kind of a no brainer. And I really want you to implement this into your life and really create a habit.” (19:02)

“When you are healing, you really do need to be in it, because it will help make the journey so much easier and faster.” (32:32)


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